August was a box office dud as only one film was able to succeed. September does look a lot better than August did, as it has more potential for $100mil hits and some solid mid-level performers.

September 4th
The first weekend of September is Labor Day Weekend, which is one of the worst times to release a film as most people are using their last weekend of summer doing other things than going to the movies. This week has a reboot to a franchise that wasn’t very successful in the first place and a movie geared towrds people of a ceriain age.

Transporter Refuled is a reboot of the series headed by Jason Statham. Neither one of the three films you would consider to be box office hit, but they were made for cheap and got good returns based off their production budget. I am not sure why the studo decided to revive this franchise and not have someone one with a little box office clout to help with it’s chances. I don’t see this film grossing more than $30mil and it should kill off any futire installments.

BO Prediction – $30mil

A Walk in the Woods stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as they going on a soul searching journey where discover themselves. Nothing about the film looks very original, or good, and there isn’t much of a marketing push behind it. This film is geared towards an older crowd which is not known for going to the first weekend to see films, so it might have some staying power throughout the month.

BO Prediction – $25mil

September 11th
There are two films coming out this weekend, one is a new scary movie from everyone’s favorite writer and director M. Night Shyamalan and an erotic thriller trying to latch on the No Good Deed audience from last September.

The Visit is M. Knight Shyamalan’s first time back in the writer/directors chair since the atrocious After Earth and his first time back in the genre that made him famous since The Happening. I am not sure why he decided to have it be a “found footage” film, as that genre of film making has been losing steam for some time now. I am not sure this will be the film that will bring him back on top.

BO Prediction – $35mil

Perfect Guy is trying to be this years No Good Deed, which was a sold mid level hit this exact same time last year. Perfect Guy has the potential to live up to that standard as its three main stars are great actors and audiences are drawn to erotic thrillers.

BO Prediction – $55

September 18th
Three films are opening this weekend, where one film has a decent chance on making $100mil.

Black Mass is a biopic of Whitey Bugler starring Johnny Depp. If this was 10 years ago, I would say this was the movie that had the biggest chance on hitting $100mil, but Johnny Depp’s star power has been waning, but it is good to see him back in a role like this where can can really sink is teeth into it. I don’t think this film will bomb, but it wont be a massive hit.

BO Potential – $50

Captive is based off a true story where a woman was held hostage by a convict, but she uses the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, to help her stay alive. The film has a solid cast with Kate Mara and David Oyelowo, but there is zero buzz for this film, so I see it being pushed aside this weekend.

BO Potential – $18mil

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails is the sequel to last September’s surprise hit. It makes sense why the studio rushed to make a sequel, but I am not sure it will match what the first one made. It will open stronger, but fall faster as most sequels do.

BO Potential – $95mil

September 25th
This is the busiest weekend of the month with 4 films opening wide.

The Green Inferno is a film written and directed by Eric Roth which was supposed to come out last September, but was held back due to finical problems with the studio. With such a busy weekend, I am not sure it’ll find its audience, and be left at the waste side,

BO Potential – $15mil

Everest is a film based off the true story of a group of men who made it to the top of Mt. Everest and the troubles they had coming back down. It has an all-star cast and it is filmed with IMAX cameras and is in 3D. It should be quite the spectacle and I don’t think it’ll gross $100mil, but it should be a sold mid-level hit.

BO Potential – $60

The Intern is the newest Nancy Meyers film and she has a great track record at the box office. It worries me that her newest film is opening is September as that when movie studios put out films they don’t have much faith in critically. This month doesn’t have many releases geared towards women, so this film might be able to latch onto that neglected demographic.

BO Potential – $65

Hotel Transylvania 2 has the best chance to being the biggest hit of the month. The sequel to the successful first film, this one brings back the original cast and should bet a hit with family audiences. I am not sure this film will match the $148 the first one made, but it should still do well.

BO Potential – $140