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Staten Island Summer, which is available on Netflix, is your run of the mill comedy with a rag tag group of characters trying to make the best of their dead end job. The film doesn’t add too much to the genre and the characters are all one dimensional.

The film follows Danny Campbell (Graham Phillips) at his last weekend working at a local public pool before he heads off for his freshman year at Harvard. At the pool, you meet his wacky co-workers, and best friend, as they prepare for the traditional epic “last weekend of summer” party at the pool. It’s a simple story, and it does everything you’d expect, but honestly, I didn’t mind that all. This film is not here to challenge you, but to make you laugh, which it did for me.

What makes it stand very slightly apart from other films like this, would have to be the cast itself. Everyone in the film is very likable and funny, and they all have great chemistry. The film has some of the funniest people out there like Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Fred Armisen, Kate Walsh, Will Forte, Kate McKinnon, and Jim Gaffigan, and they all their moment to make you chuckle.

The film is written by Colin Jost based off his own experiences, and he makes a cameo in the film as well. I would say this is an okay start for him as a screen writer. This is definitely his version of “The Way Way Back” but without any of the heart or major charm. He gets in quite a few jokes, but in the end, it’s just an average film.

If you’re bored, and want something to watch on Netflix, you’ll get a decent amount of loughs out of this while you play on your phone as this is playing in the background.