The first look at STAR TREK BEYOND is here, courtesy of the intrepid folks over at ScreenCrush. The footage includes the first glimpses of several returning cast members, their new uniforms, and newcomer Sofia Boutella! 

The main reason that Filmthusiast exists is to be able to discuss and speculate on the exciting new movies that are headed our way. STAR TREK BEYOND is definitely at the top of that list.

The footage has glimpses of returning cast members Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Anton Yelchin. Pine and Yelchin are decked out in new navy blue uniforms that have vertical gold lines on the shoulders. I’m not sure if this is an away team uniform or if it’s something a bit more permanent, but either way I like it! Pegg’s Scotty is decked out in the usual sold red engineering uniform, but even that one looks different than usual. There appears to be two tones of red and the collar is a bit higher than the long sleeve jerseys that they are usually wearing.

Sofia Boutella looks terrific as an alien from a seemingly new species to STAR TREK. It’s a bit hard to get a read from what they are filming in this video. This moment will most likely take up less than a second in the finished film, if it’s even included at all. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to get such a high quality first look from the set. Thanks ScreenCrush!